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Marwah Fawcett Brand Creative Solutions

Marwah Fawcett


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They say that your ideal client is you from 10 years ago.

Prior to the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I worked in the Corporate Field for 15 years. As I entered into my next phase of life of raising children, I stepped back from Corporate but still had the desire to work and contribute.


I formed my first entrepreneurial business in 2014 and I was instantly hooked. What better feeling than to imagine a business idea, design it and implement it? For me there was no greater rush, and no greater reward.

Since that first business, I have launched 2 more for myself. Each idea morphs, the road twist and turns and that path has led me here.


As I began talking to friends about my journey, it became evident that many people were interested in starting their own journey but just did not know where to start. Now it is time to help others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Nothing brings me more happiness than to guide others on this journey.

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