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In Brand Consulting, What is the First Step of Building a Brand?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Some may say that the basis of every business exists in the brand. If you agree, this factor is vital when starting a new business or rebuilding an existing brand. However, for those that are new to brand development, hiring brand consulting personnel will be an ideal approach to the process.

Enlisting the help of a brand consultant can do wonders for your business's overall trajectory, success, and longevity. If you want to learn more about brand consulting and how the process could be an asset to your business strategy, continue reading!

Why Should I Hire A Brand Consultant?

In business, there are many avenues toward success, one expressly being a clear and forward brand concept. When you hire a brand consultant, they eliminate much of the guesswork in branding. This process allows you to reap the benefits of industry expertise while flourishing under a knowledgeable consultant's guidance.

Whether you’re new to business or a longtime business owner, a brand consultant can help identify your brand's core values. Is your brand guided by specific ethics? Or, does your brand seek to represent a relatable experience? Maybe your brand is set to cater to a particular audience or lifestyle. Ultimately, these are all identifiable characteristics that a brand consultant can help you solidify.

First Steps Recommended by Brand Consultants

When starting a new business or rebuilding your existing brand, look to the expertise of brand consultants to guide the early stages of the process. This can help strengthen your brand concept as well as your execution. Here are some first steps as recommended by professional brand consultants.

1. Identify Your Audience

No matter what your business caters to, there will always be a consumer audience that drives your mission. Before building the brand, identify who your brand will serve. Who is your customer? What do they need from your brand? These are pivotal questions that will form the basis of your branding process.

2. Solidify Your Mission As a Business

As you build your brand, you’ll want to examine the market, industry, or field you will enter. How do you want your brand to operate in these spaces? What core values will set your business apart from those you are competing with?

Once you answer these questions, you can publish a public mission statement to familiarize your audience with your values.

3. Personify the Culture Behind Your Brand

Expressing a personality within the dimensions of your brand is typically in line with the audience your brand seeks to target. This can be supported through consumer research as well as learning your audience.

By engaging your audience through these personalities, you can represent a brand that attracts the likeness of your consumer basis.

4. Present the Story or Timeline of Your Brand

Highlighting your brand's evolution can also increase your audience's interest and make you more relatable. Therefore, tell a story that describes your business's journey and how your brand's values came to fruition.

Usually, this will round out the dimensions of your brand in the market.

Brand Creative Solutions by Marwah Fawcett

Expanding your business can be an exciting yet intimidating experience. If you’re searching for support, look no further. Brand Creative Solutions is here to elevate and streamline the process! If you’re a new business owner, or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to revive your business, our brand strategy consulting services are here to help.

Want to learn more? Contact us today to find out how we can best support your business!

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